Homeport Insurance Claims Adjuster:
Tell Dr. Novak that I had a claimant have hernia surgery the same day my husband was scheduled. His doctor took him out for 8 weeks right out the gate. Only wish I would have known about the Hernia Institute sooner. The $5,150 I am paying the claimant in the additional 5 weeks of disability would have paid for your services in full

Patient/Claims Adjuster:
I would just like to take this opportunity to acknowledge you and your staff. I appreciate the personal attention I received from the nursing staff; their level of professionalism was superior. I work with Doctors and Medical Centers on a daily basis, and you surpass the level of service provided by your counterparts. I am approximately at two weeks post-operation and I am amazed at the results. I came out of surgery with minimal pain, and my recovery has been phenomenal. I performed extensive research on Hernia Specialist, prior to making my selection, and I must say that you exceeded my expectations, and I am grateful to you for resolving my umbilical hernia. Please share my sentiments with your staff.

Thank You
Delinia Lewis