NAHI Philosophy: The Institute’s purpose is to provide excellence in patient hernia repair at a minimal expense to the insurance carrier and the patient. This philosophy evolved through 28 years of experience and success utilizing specialized polypropylene mesh. Our friendly rapport with our patients and with insurance companies has allowed us to grow to become a center of excellence in hernia repair.

From one center, we have expanded to multiple locations throughout California. We have enlarged our staff by selecting Board Certified Surgeons with interest in the advance of hernia repair techniques. Working with local outpatient centers and hospitals, these surgeons were trained, observed by N.A.H.I. staff, and then qualified to join the Institute. Our present hernia repair has evolved over many years into a straight forward outpatient mesh reinforced herniorrhaphy.

Both general and local anesthesia can be used depending on the patient’s health and preference. The patient may return to modified activity within 7 to 10 days and to normal and customary activity within 14 to 24 days. The insurance company quoted recurrence rate of 10% to 12% stimulated our efforts in combining the Shouldice technique with polypropylene mesh, thereby reducing our recurrence rate to less than 1/2%. We have also consolidated all costs of a hernia repair into one bill issued with a Lifetime Warranty for primary repairs.

Please contact the office with any questions you may have at 714-446-6670.